Tri Rhosen Cosmetic

We provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery along with non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Our professional services are provided in a comfortable and private environment.

Mole Screening

Our mole screening service offers early detection and treatment of melanoma and other common skin cancers. This is achieved with the latest technology in skin cancer surveillance using digitally recorded images of skin spots. High magnification is used to see skin detail, improving detection of pre-cancerous spots and early stage cancer. An electronic visual record provides a means of accurate assessment of change in each individual spot at follow up. Regular screening intervals in high risk patients can improve the early detection of skin cancers and their timely treatment.

Early detection of melanoma can save lives!

Skin Cancer Care

Queensland is often referred to as the “skin cancer capital of the world”. Our fantastic climate and outdoor lifestyle unfortunately take their toll on our skin. This is one of the reasons we have some of the worlds most experienced Plastic Surgeons in skin cancer management right here in Brisbane.

Our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon offers you a wealth of experience in all aspects of skin cancer care. From early detection and treatment of pre-cancerous skin changes, through to the surgical management of all stages of skin cancer. He will focus not only on the complete removal of a skin tumour but also on an optimal repair procedure including suggested aftercare to reduce the visible signs of treatment. We also provide a range of high quality skin care products, including sun screen.